Injection hose SX® 1
The basic solution from the an.kox sealing engineering PREMIUM LINE

Basic solution for sealing construction joints between two concrete sections.

The injection system SX® 1 is a round injection hose that lies totally flat. The semi-circular depressions running along its entire length give it a unique flat contact to the joint. This not only increase the flexibility of the system, it allows the hose to be laid in a cost-effective manner. Fixing mesh can aid the fully flat contact to the joint and guarantees maximum security during the injection process.

Injection hose SX® 1 is mounted centrally in 8-12 m long sections and with full contact to a construction joint. The system’s waterproofing effect is generated by injecting the hose with a standard injection material. The injection process takes place after 28 days at the earliest. 

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