WaterproofX® 1
Injection hose system

A true waterproofing original for sealing construction joints between two concrete sections.

WaterproofX® 1 with a patented foam core offers optimum injection characteristics due to having discharge ports in all directions. Due to its perfect design, economical usage and maximum results will be achieved when injecting the hose with any standard grout. In order to reach the highest level of waterproofing security only minimal pressure is required. The grout is discharged from the tiny openings with an injection pressure of 1 bar and above. The openings also prevent concrete slurry and foreign bodies entering the hose.

The hose is laid prior to concreting and ideally fixed in place using the practical assembly accessories. Once the concrete has hardened (minimum of 28 days), professional injection can take place (recommended German language document from the DBV – German Society for Concrete: “Verpresste Injektionsschläuche für Arbeitsfugen”). A number of injection options are available: via the injection ends (reinforced PVC hose) or via Varioclix® connectors (see Accessories, page 27). As a result, the injection grout is expelled though the tiny openings to where it is needed. Many benefits are had from the low injection pressure. When the injection process is completed the openings close automatically. Even when the hose is flushed out, the holes remain closed ensuring the grout remains where it is and cannot flow back into the hose. After flushing, the hose is ready to be injected again.

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