Clamp Joint SX®
Cavity-compression profile

Ideal for the subsequent sealing of expansion joints Auflagerpofil SX® 1

Thanks to its special shape, the profile can be inserted into expansion joints quickly and securely without any great effort. It is resistant to UV light and other weather effects as well as ozone, acids, alkalis, ketones and alcohols. Clamp Joint SX® is available in a variety of thickness to cater for different joint widths.

The profile’s ridges rest lightly against the centre bar during installation. Back pressure causes the ridges to be pushed back out again which in turn jams the profile securely into the joint. The joint flanks are to be firm, clean and dry prior to installation with no spalling (re-profile if necessary). Apply Polymer-Swellingpaste SX® 100 to both sides before inserting. Corners are easily cut onsite with a mitre. Butt joints and corner connections are glued together using a special instant adhesive for elastomers.

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