Pre-applied waterproofing membrane systems

Not simply one single product, but a complete solution

The experiences of recent years have shown that seamingly, waterproofed constructions is not always enough to ensure security. More and more experts in Germany are therefore recommending the integration of a pre-applied waterproofing membrane to ‘white tank’ systems as an extra dose of security. The super flexible Polyfleece SX® 1000 is perfectly equipped to take on all imaginable challenges in ‘white tank’ constructions.

Used either as an external pre- or postapplied waterproofing membrane.
It consists of a fleece that has an additional coating on one side. Each of the membrane’s layers performs a special function. The uncoated, soft fleece side absorbs some of the water/cement mix from the fresh concrete so that the concrete interlocks with the waterproofing fleece. As a result, a secure and effective bonded seal is created that prevents lateral water tracking.

Doubly secure
The reactive coating is made of modified polymers that swell on contact with water and enable its self-healing properties. Possible cracks or damage to the membrane are securely sealed – there and then – due to its selfhealing properties. The water-facing side consists of a layer of waterproof LDPE.


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