Polymer-Swellingpaste SX® 100
1-component, hydrophilic sealing and adhesive compound

The ideal waterproofing aid with hydrophilic properties

Its fi rmness, ability to swell, high elasticity and outstanding adhesion make Polymer-Swellingpaste SX® 100 the ideal waterproofi ng aid. It adheres to damp surfaces just as well as it does to dry ones.

Polymer-Swellingpaste SX® 100 is ideally suited for securing hydrophilic waterbars to concrete, for levelling concrete surfaces and for sealing construction joints and connection joints. It is extremely easy to apply. Polymer-Swellingpaste SX® 100 is applied to the surface directly from the cartridge. The surface must be fi rm, load-bearing, clean and free of loose particles. A standard cartridge gun is suitable for application. Storing and working with the paste couldn’t be easier as it is neither combustible nor toxic. The working temperature lies between +5°C and +40°C, or between +1ºC and +30ºC (component temperature). Once opened the cartridges should be used as quickly as possible

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