Combi-injection hose

With this unique combi-system, it’s the customer who decides whether to use just the injection hose, or just the hydrophilic waterbar, or use both of the combi-system’s functions.

When using it as a combined system, the injection hose’s prefabricated notches become filled with the pre-applied swelling paste. When moisture penetrates, the first sealing effect is the result of swelling pressure generated by the paste. If necessary, the hose can be injected at a later stage. Double security in just one system!

Injection hose
When the combined system is being used, the injection hose is simply stuck onto the first concrete section with the swelling paste. Carrying out this task is fast and easy.

The hydrophilic waterbar can also be used on its own as a sealing component. The grey hydrophilic strip is made of water-expanding thermoplastic. Swelling pressure generated by moisture penetration forms an effective seal. Both during and after the swelling process, the waterbar maintains its expanded form – a volume increase of 250%. Like the injection hose, configuration is simple and easy. 

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