Hy­dro­phi­lic waterbar

On contact with water, the waterbar made of high-performance thermoplastic elastomer swells and reliably seals due to the resulting swelling pressure. As a result, the ingenious hollow chamber design significantly reduces the risk of flaking concrete. Its use on outer concrete surfaces is therefore possible.

Simply embedding the waterbar between two solid edges is sufficient. On contact with moisture, the waterbar increases its volume by up to 250% and ensures sufficient swelling pressure. Its elasticity is permanently maintained allowing the product to be used not only in traditional construction joints.

The hollow chamber hydrophilic waterbar is suitable for use in harsh conditions. It resists numerous chemical substances. It also tolerates acids, alkalis and a wide range of common solvents.

The waterbar can also be used extremely successfully on outer concrete surfaces. Due to the hollow chamber design, part of the swelling pressure is at first diverted towards the inner section of the waterbar, where the pressure builds in a proportioned and controlled manner, thus allowing its use on outer surfaces.

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