Fast, secure waterproofing between two concrete sections for cast-in-place concrete and precast wall elements.


The joint sealing strip is lined on one side with a fl exible adherent layer and a granular coat. The bonding properties of this surface prevent water tracking. The simple assembly procedure reduces the risk of installation errors This will result in time saving on the building site as does the fact that the waterstop can be installed regardless of the weather. Rain, snow and extreme temperatures have no effect on the installation process or the waterproofi ng properties.


EasyproofX® 1 is suited to waterproofing construction joints in cast-in-place concrete constructions. It is easy to install thus reducing the risk of installation errors. Installing the waterstop to the upper rebar layer is sufficient for withstanding the constant presence of water. EasyproofX® 1 is fixed in position in the middle of the joint on the upper rebar layer with the appropriate retaining clips (see accessories). Joining clips secure the overlap strips lengthways in the joining areas. Due to the numerous test certificates acquired by EasyproofX® 1, planners and architects are provided with the highest degree of security

Available in a practical set

In addition to the metal waterstop, the EasyproofX® 1 Set includes all the necessary accessories for onsite assembly: Omega clips and joining clips simplify the working process. Correct installation is therefore guaranteed.

S03311002EasyproofX® 1 10 (2 m)
PU 30 m
S03311402EasyproofX® 1 (2 m)
PU 30 m
30 bundles per pallet = 900 m
S03311406EasyproofX® 1 roll (6 m)
PU 6 m
84 rolls per pallet = 504 m
S03321406EasyproofX® 1 Set roll (6 m)
PU 6 m
84 sets per pallet = 504 m
S03510002Push bracket
PU 15 Stk.
S03510155Omega fixing clip
155 mm height
PU 100 Stk.
S03530001Expansion joint connector
S03540030Metal waterstop fixing bracket
PU 40 Stk.