Ideal for use in construction joints and expansion joints.

Features: Highly versarile for all situations.

Made of thermo-plastic elastomer (TPE), it is the waterbar’s swelling action that seals the joint. This is triggered by water contact although swelling is initially retarded. It retains its shape, is permanently elastic and is temperature-resistant. Its resistance to numerous chemicals makes it extremely versatile. There is a suitable profile for each joint type. For sealing internal construction joints the SwellproofX® 1 profiles 20 x 5 mm and 20 x 10 mm are ideal. The profile with dimensions 20 x 5 mm and 20 x 10 mm are available as a salt water variant. Other profile shapes are also available on request.

Uses: Ideal for chutes and precast constructions

A wide range of applications make SwellproofX® 1 the perfect product for chutes, precast constructions and tubing applications. It is particularly suited for sealing biogas plants, sewage works, rain water overflow basins, liquid manure bins, etc. Installation is simple: it is fixed using the appropriate an.kox Contact adhesive SuperX® 1 to the first concrete section. Pressing the waterbar lightly into the adhesive ensures it is kept in place during concreting. Moisture penetration will cause SwellproofX® 1 to begin to swell


By bonding with Contact adhesive SuperX® 1. If the substrate surface has a rough structure the fixation of the hydrophilic waterbar by means of Polymer-swellingpaste SX® 100 is recommended.

A06712005SwellproofX® 1 20 x 5 mm
PU 40 m
5.040 m per pallet
A06712010SwellproofX® 1 20 x 10 mm
PU 70 m
2.520 m per pallet