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Double security for sealing two concrete sections.


Two products in one offer particularly high levels of waterproofing security. Combining swelling pressure with an injection process keeps high-pressure water at bay even in salt water conditions (variant SW).


Installation takes place between two concrete sections. The hydrophilic waterbar is responsible for the primary seal meaning it comes into immediate effect upon contact with water (swelling ability of 400%, product variant SW for use in salt water). In an additional waterproofing step, the internal injection hose system is injected once or several times depending on need. As the base of the hose is not covered by the waterbar, the hose lies totally flat on the joint and therefore optimum grout dispersal can take place. Protect against physical damage when stored.

S04610056PolyproofX® 1 Injekt
L = 56 m
S04620040PolyproofX® 1 Injekt Set 5 x 8 m
S04916022PolyproofX® 1 clamp 22 mm