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Specially developed for top injections.


The distinguishing qualities of the affiliated systems WaterproofX® 100 and WaterproofX® 1000 also feature in the WaterproofX® 100 FSI: the easy workability and the particularly large inner diameter that allows injections with abrasive materials. Discharge ports at regular intervals ensure optimum injection characteristics.


Specially designed for top injections in tunnel building, WaterproofX® 1000 FSI is used for filling cavities. For this purpose a low-shrink Portland cement is often used. Injection hoses allow the mineral-based injection grout to accesses areas from where it can fill in cavities.

S04230060WaterproofX® 1000 FSI
roll, L = 60 m
S04912322WaterproofX® 100 FSI clamp 22 mm
PU 100 pcs.
S04825001PVC-hose white FSI
10 x 3,0 mm
L = 50 m
S04815001PVC-hose blue FSI
10 x 3,0 mm
L = 50 m
S04900004Hose clamp
S05054003Cement packer set
PU 100 pcs.
S04901300WaterproofX® 100 FSI plug