This system combines the positive features of a round injection hose with a full-contact, flat-lying system.


WaterproofX® 100 offers a number of benefits due to its sophisticated design: its patented foam core and honeycombed cross-section ensure that the injection hose has a stable lie and provides the best possible wall-to-volume ratio. Multiple injections are possible and there are no limits to the choice of injection material (PUR foam, PUR resin, epoxy resin, polymer gel matrix/ cement). Excess lengths can be supplied without a problem (tested to 30 m).


Installation takes place on dry, level surfaces. The contact area must be free of loose particles. WaterproofX® 100 is laid flat on the first concrete section, ideally in the middle of the wall. Perfectly fitting clamps or a fixing mesh ensure it is fixed in place easily and securely. In joining areas the hoses are laid in parallel for about 15 cm (3-5 cm apart).


  • Clamps
  • Fixing mesh
  • Hose connectors
  • Varioclix connectors

The WPX 100 all-round package ensures that all accessories required for installation are to hand on the building site.

S04210120WaterproofX® 100
L = 120 m
3.360 m per pallet
S04220001WPX100 Set 40 m
S04220002WPX100 Set EW 40 m
S04220003WPX100 Set Plus 40 m
S04220004WPX100 Set Light 40 m
S04700005Varioclix with metal strip (pad black)
S04700005Varioclix with metal strip (pad grey)
S04810050PVC-hose blue
L = 50 m
S04820050PVC-hose white
L = 50 m
S04830050PVC-hose green
L = 50 m
S04840050PVC-hose red
L = 50 m
S04900001Hose connector
PU 100 pcs.
PU 100 pcs.
S04900004Hose clamp
PU 100 pcs.
S04900005Stecki fixing clip
PU 100 pcs.
S04900006Drive-in-anchor 5 x 30 mm
PU 100 pcs.
S04910013an.kox clamp 13 mm
PU100 pcs.
S04925100Fixing mesh X1
L = 100 cm
S04930012Mounting clip X1 for expansion joint
L = 100 cm
S04958000Injection nipple M8
PU 100 pcs..
S04958055Injection nipple M8 / 55 mm
PU 100 pcs.