Polyfleece SX® 100 is a high quality non-woven seal fleece with a robust LDPE-foil cover with an exceptional flexibility. The high flexibility of the membrane results in a very high crack bridging capability at places where cracks will occur within the concrete. Polyfleece SX® 100 is a preapplied, fully bonded waterproofing membrane which is installed on the substrate before the concrete is poured. The installation is fast and safe. During the concrete pour the fleece absorbs parts of the cement water mix. Once the concrete cures this results in a very high integral bond of the membrane to the concrete which will effectively prevent any lateral water migration in between the membrane and the concrete at places where the membrane is locally damaged. Polyfleece SX® 100 is applied as additional safety for watertight structures.

S01501020Polyfleece SX® 100 roll 20 m / w = 1 m
PU 20 m²
24 rolls // 480 m² per pallet