Features: Proven impermeability.

Independent experts have confirmed that Polyfleece SX® 1000 RADON does not act only as a retarder, it is a Radon gas barrier. The seams have been certified too.

Uses: In Contaminated areas.

Radon is a naturally occurring inert gas that is produced predominantly below ground from the radioactive decay of radium. In certain circumstances, radon can seep from the ground into buildings causing interior air pollution. Radioactive particles may then be transported via the airways to the lungs and irradiate these. In accordance with the recommendations of Germany’s Federal Offi ce for Radiation Protection, buildings in areas with increased levels of radon require appropriate sealing measures.

S01302015Polyfleece SX® 1000 Radon roll 20 m / w = 1,5 m
PU 30 m²
20 rolls // 600 m² per pallet