The Polyfleece SX® 1000 tapes stand for an enormous high tack with at the same time providing watertightness at the seams. They have been designed to seal all kind of watertight seams (longitudinal & cross seam, T-butt seam). All preapplied an.kox waterproofing membrane systems are equipped with two preassembled, self adhesive tapes. Thereby always a safe and tight seam can be guaranteed regardless the weather conditions.

S01830253Polyfleece SX® 1000 Radon tape 80 mm
L = 25 m
S01900025Polyfleece SX® 1000 fleece tape 80 mm
L = 25 m
S01902075Polyfleece SX® 1000 adhesive tape 75 mm
L = 20 m