Polyfleece SX® 1000 Wall s a high-quality pre-applied waterproofing membrane system that consists of several waterproofing layers. The bond to the concrete is ensured thanks to the specially designed locking fleece. In addition to the extremely strong bond, the water tracking safeguard is a key criterion. In the event of the protective LDPE foil being physically damaged during laying or after concreting, the polymer interlayer provides additional and reliable waterproofing protection thanks to its swelling properties.

The system can be used with cast-in-place concrete and also in the precast concrete industry. Due to Polyfleece SX® 1000’s high flexibility, it can also be simply and securely laid in harsh conditions. Detailed solutions can be reliably and quickly carried out.

S01202010Polyfleece SX® 1000 Wall roll 20 m / w = 1 m
PU 20 m²
20 rolls // 400 m² per pallet
S01202030Polyfleece SX® 1000 Wall roll 20 m / w = 2 m
PU 40 m²
20 rolls // 800 m² per pallet