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2K Sealing adhesive SX® 1 forms a secure, elastic sealing layer that is suitable as a structural seal and as a compound seal.

Fully compatible

If the Polyfleece SX® 1000 waterproofing membrane system is post-applied, in other words without a fresh concrete bond, the 2K Sealing adhesive SX® 1 is the ideal full-surface sealing adhesive to use.

Features: Durable. Crack bridging.

2K Sealing adhesive SX® 1 adheres extremely well to mineral substrates. Once hardened it is vapour permeable and can bridge cracks. It remains impermeable for chloride, is frost-proof and highly resistant to aging.

Uses: Fast & simple.

2K Sealing adhesive SX® 1 allows the laying/bonding and sealing processes to be executed in one step. It is simply mixed out of two components (1:1 ratio) and can be effortlessly applied with a brush, a spray gun or a spatula.

S025000102K Sealing adhesive SX® 1 10 kg set
S025000202K Sealing adhesive SX® 1 20 kg set