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Multi-talent with excellent adhesion

Features. Versatile. Strong. Peranently elastic.

The powerful Contact adhesive SuperX 1 has proved itself to be extremely versatile. It achieves outstanding adhesion on non-porous surfaces. In doing so, it remains permanently elastic and can withstand high tractive forces.

Uses: Allrounder.

SuperX 1 is perfect for securing hydrophilic waterbars to concrete and steel as well as for all building connection joints. It is equally good for wood constructions, plastic claddings and aluminium profiles. Using a standard cartridge gun (manual or pneumatic) it is applied to clean, grease- and dust-free surfaces. For adhesive purposes apply using wavy lines. The contents of one cartridge is enough for securing 8-10 m of waterbar.

S02830291Contact adhesive SuperX 1 cartridge 290 ml
12 pcs. per carton