FlexproofX® 1 has been designed as an external building seal for temporary or permanent exposure to water.

Features: Strong Bond. Durable. Elastic.

FlexproofX® 1 has proven itself to be particularly durable. Its long-lasting sealing properties are the result of its special composition based on a patented, prepolymer mixture that prevents water absorption. The high bending and adhesive tensile strength values also make FlexproofX® 1 the ideal product for high loads with which cracks and joints (crack bridging tested up to 5 mm at 4 bar), as well as surfaces can be kept permanently and securely watertight. It also dries extremely quickly.

Uses: Reinforced concrete. Glass. Metal.

The one-component sealing compound (with building regulations certifi cation) is suitable for use with or without reinforcement fabric as an external, strip-form seal for construction joints and crack-control joints. FlexproofX® 1 can also be used as a full-surface external seal. Its reactivity, in particular to hydroxyl groups (as they can also be found in concrete), makes FlexproofX® 1 the first choice product for reinforced concrete constructions. Even non-mineral materials can be extremely well sealed with FlexproofX® 1. On glass and metal, etc., where no free hydroxyl groups area available, FlexproofX® 1 reacts on contact with water. And this is regardless of whether it is added, comes from air humidity or from a neighbouring substrate. The sealing effect always occurs. Its application is straight forward. The compound can be applied horizontally, vertically or above your head using a roller, a brush or a scraper. No primer is needed, the substrate can also be damp and it dries extremely quickly.

S02101500FlexproofX® 1 15 kg-bucket
36 buckets per pallet
S02110750FlexproofX® 1 NV 7,5 kg-bucket
S02230600FlexproofX® 1 tubular bag 600 ml firm
12 pcs. per carton
S02240600FlexproofX® 1 tubular bag 600 ml sprayable
12 pcs. per carton
S02300290FlexproofX® 1 cartridge 290 ml
12 Stk. per carton
S02320290FlexproofX® 1 UV cartridge 290 ml
12 pcs. per carton
S02900018FlexproofX® 1 Primer
S02900250FlexproofX® 1 reinforcement fabric 250
L = 50 m
S02901000FlexproofX® 1 reinforcement fabric 1000
L = 50 m